We are two blocks from Oak Island Pier and the ocean. Walking is approximately five minutes. We are conveniently located between two public beach accesses that have parking available.

We are located in the business district of Oak Island, and we are within walking distance of several local shops and restaurants. Food Lion and Publix are a quick five-minute drive. For reference, we are located eight blocks from the Old Bridge.

We have 1 pet-friendly room. We encourage you to call ahead regarding availability as it is a very popular room, and we cannot guarantee availability for walk-ins. Please see our Pet Policy above for more information, or feel free to call us with questions. (910) 278-1689

As a general rule, April-November are busiest on weekends, and we encourage you to make a reservation 4-6 weeks in advance if possible. Feel free to call us with any date(s) you have in mind, and we’ll happily tell you the status of our reservations. Please keep in mind that during the summer, sometimes the rooms get rented quickly. For example, if you call and we tell you that we have one room available and you say let me call you back, oftentimes the very next call reserves the room. Reservations are not required. However, we do recommend reservations. Walk-ins are always welcome.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a room. In the event you should need to cancel your reservation, we will happily issue you a credit for a future stay. Simply not showing up for a room and not calling to inform us you don't need the room is considered a "no-call / no-show," and neither a credit nor refund will be issued.

Microwaves are provided in each room. Electric skillets, air fryers, slow cookers etc are not permitted inside the rooms. However, we have plenty of space outside if you want to bring a portable grill.

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